From a time immemorial I have externalized my varied literary musings. My work has prowled a gamut of emotional and intellectual subjects centered around a misanthropic attempt to form tangible conclusions within the madness this mundane world can appear to be. Between these pages manifest many perplexities that have haunted my particular vantage of a senseless society. The Death of Despair is a labor of love that has spanned over a decade in its production. Each piece is explicitly written for my own purposeful purging. A particular verse may be inspired by a lover or foe, it may be witty and playful, or rageful and sardonic in hue and tonality. These poems are certainly not for mildewed minds. I have chosen seventy-nine of my most cherished jewels to intentionally mirror the year of my birth. This is a very personal compendium, which only graces the light of day as a ritualistic closing to a chapter of my existence.




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