I introduced My optimism to my cynicism, and they seem to be getting on just fine. All my yesterdays have run off with my tomorrows and have left me here alone, now. I built a bomb shelter and walled myself in, only to realize I am the the explosion. All my lost lovers came at once and chased me down the dead end alleys of my hate. I made an exit while my dispositions where too busy despising themselves to notice. My inner peace walked up in a mask of war and told me the truth about all my lies. A thousand lazy aspirations fell like bricks all shattering my inconclusive conclusions. My unmade plans all burned like blue drafting paper in the fire of my false realizations. Out in the midst of emptiness between somewhere and nowhere I found fulfillment. I bounced a blank check to myself and somehow all my bad debts repaid themselves. In a blind rage of vision my conscience hoarded all my greed and sold my selflessness. I was born again on the day I died, only to end up getting killed again on my birthday.

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